"What we like about YKK is exclusive developments as well as the series of products that shine with long durability, perfected down to the last detail, and thus meet our strict criteria in terms of usability, stability, sustainability and deliverability. YKK provides consistent quality, a high level of engineering performance, never any delivery bottlenecks and direct contact with development and production. "

Miguel Tiblas  -  Head of Technical Product Development, Deuter

"As a sportswear brand that is a leader in both responsible manufacturing, Houdini wanted to become the first to experiment with YKK’s Touchlink the world’s first NFC-embedded zipper puller. Houdini’s priority is advancing circularity and a relationship-driven economy which is why we were initially drawn to the fact that Touchlink is tangible and easy to understand. As something wearers can easily interact with, it represents a path towards a potentially long-lasting two-way relationship."

Jesper Danielsson  -  Head of Design and Product , Houdini

"To gain absolute control of development, technology and innovation, we at BLACKYAK have been heavily investing into technology and highly qualified reinforcement to the innovation and product development department - establishing an internal development lab where 100% of all future products are to be engineered to perfection. We established a solid structure and processes that will guaranty a consistent and high quality output.

An inevitable part of this strategy has been to commit to strategic alliances that will help to guaranty the best quality output through the selection of best available and reliable components.

We are convinced that YKK is one of this key partners of high significance to this strategy. Small parts - big difference!"

Marcel Geser  -  Product Director, BlackYak Global

"We have trusted zippers from YKK for many years. We really appreciate the quality, handfeel and support of the brand and its products. The reliability of the zippers suits our products and meets the quality demands of our customers."

Dominique Roshardt  -  Head of Product Management, Löffler GmbH

"YKK have an impressive track record of never saying no when you ask for the stars. Instead, they say let us see what we can do. They go away, work some magic and test, test, test; and then come back with a solution. It’s that willingness to develop to meet your product needs and a laser focus on quality that means we can always spec YKK with confidence."

Paul Robertson  -  Marketing Manager, Palm Equipment

"Our products need to perform great, no matter the conditions, and last for a long period of time. That’s why we make the choice to work with YKK"

Erwin Testar  -  Apparel Product Manager, Millet Mountain Group

"Function, Quality and Durability is what matters for us - this is why we choose YKK Aquaseal"

Erik Lyth  -  Founder & CEO, Subtech Sports

"YKK products are high on quality, available all around the world and the service is excellent. The choice has been made easy for us."

Riitta Krogerus  -  Managing Director, Dimex

"We have chosen to work with YKK as they are the leaders in the zipper industry. Quality and reliability has been in perfect level during the numerous years of co-operation."

Mika Aitio  -  Sales Director, Ursuit